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Le forme geometriche in inglese

In questo esempio Damerino parla inglese e ti chiede come si pronunciano le varie forme geometriche in italiano correggendoti se sbagli 😛

yes Right#Ok#Yes, it's correct
not No#No, it's wrong

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sayb Translate. Triangle
listen triangolo*

sayb Try to translate. Square
listen quadrato*

sayb Can you please translate. Rectangle
listen rettangolo*

sayb Translate this. Circle
listen cerchio*

sayb Translate for me. Oval
listen ovale*

sayb Translate. Cube
listen cubo*

sayb Translate. Cylinder
listen cilindro*

sayb Translate. Pentagon
listen pentagono*

sayb Translate. Rhombus
listen rombo*

sayb Translate. Hexagon
listen esagono*

sayb Translate. Octagon
listen ottagono*

sayb Translate. Star
listen stella*

sayb Translate. Parallelogram
listen parallelogramma*

sayb Translate. Trapezoid
listen trapezoide*#trapezio*#trapezoidale*

say The lesson is over. Thank you

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