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Ruvido the mouse

Build a mouse with a table knife

What is Ruvido the mouse?
Few can do it. It is extreme manual skill and art of creating from scretch. A box with some simple objects with which to build something very complex in terms of manual skill.

How does it work?
Rough is a manual skill test. Using only fork and knife you have to make an electric mouse with everyday objects and save yourself from an explosion. In the box you find everything you need to try to build an electric mouse and enter the ranking of the few who succeed.
To enter the rankings you have to be able to make the mouse by adapting simple parts such as caps, hairpins, straws, wood …

Why a mouse?
If you want to compare manual skills you need a procedure that is exactly the same for everyone. This is why this mouse. Everyone does the same thing with the same identical materials.

If you can manage it?
Send us at least two photos (with good resolution), one from above / side and one from below so that we can check the use of only the allowed components and the good realization. You will also need to send a small video to prove the actual operation of the mouse.
If you are allowed to appear on the list, the material you send us (photos and videos) will be published on the facebook page and on the Ruvido website, also your name will be included in the list and may be published in some articles related to Roughness .
To request a mouse and participate, you must be at least 14 years old. Remember that Rough is not a toy and must be kept out of reach of children.

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